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Two windsurfers.
one mission.

After being the shaper for many world champions Peter Thommen now dedicates his life to make boards that work for the average windsurf aficionado. Mark Thoms, Peter’s partner in T1, has a clear vision and the ‘fingerspitzen’ feeling of your needs. It is our mission, yes even our pledge, to let you squeeze every drop of fun out of your time on the water. Making each ride one to remember, anything to get you through the working week. Yes a big promise but no hollow words. Our user-friendly concepts like the ‘Gleitwunder’ and ‘4WD’ are all the proof needed. These two allrounders rewrote the definition of effortless planing and coupled it with superb high-wind control and the sweetest jibing ever experienced in modern funboard sailing.

HOW IT ALL STARTED – Peter & Mark’s connection goes back to the fun & function days. Peter Thommen being the star shaper for some of the most legendary professionals ever and Mark Thoms the Benelux distributor plus member of the international brand management team. After the takeover by a Swiss coffee & chocolate giant both could no longer find themselves in the new corporate plans and parted ways with the Austrian company – founding T1 (Thommen1) in 2003. The kick off was with a genius compact range of silver metallic boards called the ‘X-series’. With 10 liter increments it ranged from 65 to 145 liters, where a small board was a waver and a big board a freerider – anything in between a mix of both. Our ‘One Man. One Board.’ Concept became an instant success, hugely welcomed by many former fans of the Austrian board brand.

HOW IT WENT – The brand sky rocketed and we welcomed two legendary windsurfers and longtime friends on board – the notorious E11 and H24. Björn won the 2005 slalom world title on our newly launched RS boards and Peter rocked the boarder-cross on our X-series 95 and 105. Unfortunately our Swiss manufacturer in Tunisia didn’t deliver the quality we paid for, so we ended up losing a lot of money on warranties to force us reorganize our operation. As a result we could no longer support these two superstars. We took our chances in China to make the bamboo-boards and find there’s problems everywhere. So we stopped pursuing our mass production ambitions to focus on custom made, back to basics. Things turned around again, going up steadily but after some time we found ourselves on the backseats of the Slovenian bus so we decided to take control and set up our own facilities. That’s where we are at today. First in Holland and now in Greece, where Peter is not only building custom dreams but also sets up a small production range.

OUR MISSION – T1 fans & friends can count on our never-ending drive for making accessible boards with tailor-made performance, offering high quality with innovative details and shaping perfection for as long as we are involved in board building.

Peter Thommen & Mark Thoms