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Thommen custom boards are hand built by Peter Thommen. Expect nothing but the ultimate in design, quality and performance.

The Thommen Master Series offer a comprehensive range of Peter Thommen signature shapes covering the full spectrum of modern windsurfing. They’re the result of Peter’s lifetime experience, the input of T1 product manager Mark Thoms and feedback of our team and, most importantly, our customers – who often own more than one Thommen custom board. Don’t worry, our team consists of people like you and me, so all shapes are tested and proven to work in ‘Real World’ conditions. This makes our Masters the “Can’t-Go-Wrong” choice for most windsurfers. Although the basic shape is outlined, there’s still some room for customizing your next board. Preferred stance and spread are always tailor made. A few liters more or less. A special color or logo. Tailored reinforcements. No problem, everything is still possible in our Master Series. Each board is made to order.

If you can’t find your board in the Master Series, Peter is happy to design and build a personalized board for you. The design and construction will be precisely tailored to your specific requirements. We use advanced CAD software, cutting-edge CNC machines and the best available materials from industry’s leading manufacturers. And – last but certainly not least – we throw 40+ years of Peter’s expert craftsmanship into the mix to create your dream board that will stand the tooth of time. Remember: a good custom board never goes out of fashion.

Shape details



This is it. Recreational windsurfing revisited. Effortless planning in the lightest of breezes. Super smooth, yet remarkably quick, responsive, and maneuverable. No need for huge, high priced professional-grade racing sails, any freeride or freemove sail will do although we can highly recommend the brand new MORPHO 6.9-7.6-8.4 or EZZY’s highly rewarded Cheetah 7.0-7.5-8.0-8.5.

There’s no ‘power hump’ to overcome. A specific Thommen golden area rocker line and a vee-to-quad-concave bottom shape make for a gradual transition from gliding to planing and iron out chop like nothing else. Yet, unlike other “special light wind” boards, the Gleitwunder is efficient and remains truly fun to sail when the wind picks up. The super thin hull concept, combined with a ‘step rail’ design, is forgiving and promoting easy control for all levels of sailors, from beginner to expert.

Cruising around the bay? Anytime, any conditions. Carving jibes? No problem. Playing in open ocean swells? Bring it on. Chasing your buddies around the course? Hell, why not?!

The GWR is designed with a tri-fin setup. Your choice of Powerbox or Tuttle box in the rear and two Slotbox10 in front. K4 fins in the shape of the 3SW 30/32/34cm plus two Stubby’s in 11/12/13 cm is available to you as a set for only €50. A set of blankers to cover your empty slot boxes is provided with every GWR but we find the board really jibes best with the trackers mounted and personally I have no problem sacrificing 1-2km/h in speed when I get endless grip in return.

You can also upgrade your GWR with original T1/GASOIL fins for an additional charge of €200 for a set of Powerbox 30/32/34cm (or Tuttle 34cm) and 10/12cm slotbox trackers.

The GWR comes as a standard with a 10” mast track, a nifty integrated grab-handle (you want it, you need it), a self-regulating membrane pressure valve (please do not touch) and four snug WiNDgear footstraps complete the package. Oh yeah, the slight duck-stance rear footstraps will give you the comfiest stance ever.

Gleitwunder. Producer of happy faces.

145 260 80 50 11,9
155 262 82 51 12,4
165 265 84 52 12,8
175 265 84 52 13,8



If you don’t feel confident enough for a performance board like the Gleitwunder, or you put a bit more weight on the scale than our 175L can carry – do not despair as we’ve got you covered with our brand new TRANSE.

We think the name says it all, it will help you effortlessly TRANSITION from gliding to planing on the water.

The TRANSE shares its DNA with our Gleitwunder: it shares the same rocker concept with a similar smooth low entry nose. It’s just 20cm taller and slightly beefier where you need some extra volume – right under your feet.

Upon request we can equip this board with additional footstrap positions for funboard novices. Some extra plugs won’t cost us the world but can make all the difference when you are ready to get into the planing game. Four WINDgear Snug footstraps are standard. For fins check the Gleitwunder from above, the board can be fitted with either a Powerbox (single screw) or a Tuttlebox (double screw fixation).

An integrated grab-handle is standard, so is a self-regulating membrane valve and a 10” mast track to give you multiple positions for your mast base so the board does not luff into the wind when starting.

195 285 85 53,5 13,5

Shape details

Shape details



Better speed, tighter turns, more thrills. The CROSS-R2 revisits the rocker of the original T1 Cross-X, a globally recognized benchmark for ‘wave/slalom’ boards and all-time favorite of the Official Test Centre on Tenerife. The modern wider and shorter shape improves planning performance. Great acceleration, blistering speed and precision control remain prime ingredients. The ‘R2’ offers slalom speed and wave board like handling. ‘Ultra Thin Rails’ guarantee precision control in all your turns. Their superior grip makes the CROSS-R2 the ultimate speed-carving machine.

The CROSS-R2 comes standard with either 4 complimentary WiNDgear footstraps in a free-ride (more inside) or free-slalom (more outside) configuration. A carbon Powerbox and two Slotbox10’s are standard.

There’s no standard fin(s), but you can upgrade your CROSS-R2 with a high-performance fin or fin-set from T1/GASOIL. Fin sizes to choose from are 28, 30 or 32 cm. The additional charge is 100€ for a center fin or 200€ for a set with 9 or 10cm trackers.

The CROSS-R2’s faster freeride abilities work best with no-cam or mini-cam sails. We recommend sails ranging from 5.0 to 7.5 sqm. The sweet spot being around 5.5-6.0-6.5 depending on the board size you choose. Among our personal favorites: MORPHO 5.3/5.7/6.3/6.9 and EZZY Cheetah 5.5/6.0/6.5/7.0. The CROSS-R2 works brilliantly with powerful wavesails from 4.5 to 5.5 sqm, we recommend either the MORPHO’s or EZZY Zeta but, yes, admitted, we’re biased.

113 238 69 44,6 12
123 240 71 45,1 12,9
133 242 73 47,2 13,3



Back to the future, again there’s one board capable to handle all conditions. Like the GWR, Peter went back to the Bullet and Sunset years using a stretched rocker line with a vee-to-quad-to-tri-concave for early planing and combines this with a little tail kick, thinner rails, and wingers for control in stronger wind.

Sharing the Gleitwunder fundamentals, the 4WD has no power hump to overcome, the ‘extra’ length helps you ease into the planing phase without pumping – just sheet in and go.

Depending on its volume, it can haul relatively big sails, but you will find there’s no need for it. The board planes up super easily and we believe in “rig as small as you can”. You will also discover that the bigger models still offer plenty of control when small sails are needed. Equipped with a Powerbox and 2 Slotboxes one has all the options open for a personal set up. That also opens interesting possibilities for shallow waters!

Just like the world-famous Swiss Army Knife, the 4WD from the hands of Swiss shaper Peter Thommen works on any water and any wind condition. The 4WD is very much inspired by mythical boards like the Sailboard 295A and HiFly 295 Pro, incredible funboards from the era when the sport was still accessible to all levels.

Oh yeah, this is the ‘ultimate carving machine’, enabling power jibing for those who usually struggle to complete them, let alone fully carve their turns. Here’s the tool to enjoy jibe after jibe after jibe with 99.9% success.

There are no standard fins with this board, but upon request it can be equipped with a K4 3SW 24/26/28/30cm + Stubby’s 10/11cm set for €50 extra. Alternatively, you can opt for the Morpho set with 23/25cm and 10/11 trackers costing you €150 or take the T1/Gasoil 28/30/32cm Powerbox with 2 side fins of 9/10cm set with a Slotbox10 fixation for an €200 extra.

The 10” mast box allows the use of a wide range of sail sizes but is best set around the middle. That is the recommended starting point for zooming in on the perfect setting for you and your sails. Two or three cm more to the front for bigger sails and two or three to the back for the smaller. I.e., for instance, on the 120-liter model, we recommend a maximum of 7.0 down to 4.0, with the sweet spot being around 6.0/5.5m2. Now, how’s that for range?

Standard equipment for this model are our integrated grab-handle for easy carrying (try to put your arm around 70cm wide board), a self-regulating membrane valve, and 3 or 4 footstraps with a double screw fixation for each side.

110 250 66 42 11,6
115 253 68 43 11,8
120 254 70 44,1 11,6
125 255 71 44,5 11,8
135 255 73 45,8 12,4

Shape details

Shape details



Hey guys what’s this one about? Well, we could tell you a story this is ‘the surf and the turf’ of funboarding, but in reality, we found that some riders are mentally just not ready for the 4WD (too tall) and others find the F-WAVE one notch too far (short). So, we figured there’s room in the middle. And guess what? We were proven right by a few of our middle-aged bump & jump soldiers who think their Hybrid is by far the best thing since their beloved Starlit and Sunsets, more and more favoring it over their full-on wavers who are often too short and quirky. Yes, even with smaller sails the Hybrid is becoming more and more their tool of choice.

Peter’s HYBRID combines the easy and quickly going low entry profile of the 4WD with the maneuverable outline of the F-WAVE, making it the best of both worlds. Fast. Easy. Wavy. Fun.

The length is moderate. The width is moderate. Fitting it right in that sweet spot of your next Bump ‘n Jumper for big lakes and moderate seas.

All depends on the board size, but the middle 114 liter has the 5.7 as it’s sweet spot sail, but still works fab with a 4.7 and, yes, we even heard of a 4.2 still doing the job.

There are no standard fins supplied with the HYBRID, but we have a K4 3SW 22/24/26 + 10/11cm K4 Incinerator tracker set available for €50 extra. Alternatively, we offer the Morpho 21 US or 23/25 Powerbox set with a pair of 9/10/11cm trackers for €150.

Each HYBRID is fitted with three of our benchmark WINDgear Snug footstraps (four if you want the twin-strap in the rear), comes with a membrane valve and, upon request, can be equipped with a grab-handle for easy transport (highly recommended on the bigger models).

104 237 65 41 11,8
109 240 66 41,6 11,8
114 243 68 42,5 11,8
119 244 70 43,7 12
124 245 71 44,2 12,3



Almost from day 1 of its introduction to the line of out T1 model choices, the F-Wave became one of our best sellers. And still holds its position a few years later. It’s your toy for all waves, all spots, all winds and even more important, all windsurfers – no matter if you weigh 80 or beyond 120-130 kilos.

As a true ‘Euro-Waver’, the F-WAVE is easy to sail and performs in all conditions. A combination of a fast rocker with a WAVE-R like maneuver-oriented outline. A low entry rocker profile delivers excellent planning performance and speed. The moderately short, rounded outline with its kink between the straps and its swallow tail underlines the board’s desire to shred waves. Our new Medium (106 and bigger models) to Ultra-Thin Rails (96/101) offer sufficient float and forgiveness yet provide superb control and grip in carving turns. The F-WAVE is a prime choice light wind wave board for lighter guys & gals or makes the perfect all-wave for those with a bit heavier constitution.

The F-WAVE is designed with a tri-fin configuration in mind yet performs perfectly as a single fin too. Set it up according to prevailing conditions and your preferences. As a standard there’s an 8” US box in the tail with two Slotbox10 mounted with a slight toe-in. Bigger models can be fitted with a Powerbox at no extra charge.

For the bigger F-WAVE we recommend the drive of the 3SW’s. For the smaller ones, you can opt for the more radical Scorcher from K4 with the Incinerator or Asy-Incinerator (A.I) 1degree in 10 or 11cm in front and we will charge you only €50 for the set of three. Spend €150 and get MORPHO’s 12K carbon/vinylester wave fin in 19/20/21 in US or 23/25cm in Powerbox with 10/11cm trackers. Three snug WiNDgear footstraps are complimentary, trust us they’ll be your new favorite slippers.

The F-WAVE works with a wide variety of wave sails: 5 or 4 battens, we like ‘m full but also flat (and bigger) works great. The smallest F-WAVE’s easily handle 4.0 and 4.2. On the bigger F-WAVE’s we very much like the 4-batten powerhouse from MORPHO in 5.3 + 5.7 or go for EZZY’s Zeta in 5.5/5.8/6.4/6.8, but there’s enough out there that works.

Below is a selection of 7 F-WAVE sizes, please note we can make the F-WAVE any size you want. Really, it’s one of our missions to cater to the heavier wavers so don’t hesitate to check in with us what can be done to make a board matching your ability and posture.

96 230 62 40 12
101 232 64 41 12,2
106 234 66 42,5 12,3
111 236 68 43,5 12,5
116 238 70 44,6 12,6
121 240 72 45,7 12,6
131 245 74 46,5 13,7

Shape details

Shape details



The legendary ‘MauiWaveX’ reinvented. Featuring a new slightly wider and shorter body shape with ‘Ultra-Thin Rails’, a redesigned rockerline and a sweet looking ‘Swallow Tail’. Certainly, one of the best all-round wave shapes on the market. The G-WAVE is surprisingly quick to plane. It is relatively fast, yet feels nimble and loose, and is always predictable and easy to control.

Equally at home in all waves and winds, the G-WAVE is also a master blaster on big lakes and loves to play in wind-swells. The ease of control is mind blowing, making it the board of choice for those days when men are separated from the boys.

The G-WAVE works with any wave sail; new or older profiles. We can highly recommend the new EZZY Zeta’s and the 3.7-5.3 from MORPHO. Each board size is developed to work from 5.3/5.0 down to 3.7/3.4.

The G-WAVE is designed with a thruster set-up in mind to emphasize looseness and maneuverability. Yet, honoring its heritage, it also works perfectly as a classic single fin board. Obviously, the G-WAVE comes with a thruster set up: an 8” US box in the rear and two Slotbox10 in the front.

We can recommend fittings like K4’s Scorcher in 19/20/21/22 for the rear and two K4 Asy Incinerators (AI) thrusters in 8/9/10cm with 1-degree toe-in. The K4 set is offered to you for only €50. Invest €150 and you can upgrade to the 12K carbon/vinylester US-box MORPHO wave fin in 16/17/18/19/20/21 cm with trackers. The G-WAVE’s standard equipment consists of three WiNDgear Snug footstraps, giving a new dimension to foot comfort.

Here’s a selection of the sizes we think are most common for the G-WAVE, but there’s in between options too.

80 226 57 35,5 11,1
85 227 58 36 11,5
90 228 59 36,5 12
95 230 60 37 12,4
100 232 61 37,5 12,8



The WAVE-R opens the door to a new style of wave sailing. Step on and lift your performance to new levels. Turn tighter. Hit harder. Rotate faster. The WAVE-R is a real confidence booster. Give it all you’ve got, and you will come out projected with precision and power to spare. A blend of Snow/Skate/Surf-Style best describes how the WAVE-R feels. At its best in small, medium to logo high waves. The WAVE-R features a modern short, moderately wide stubby shape. The contour deck couples enough volume to keep you going in the surf with ‘Medium Thin Rails’ for insane grip in the tightest of turns.

The WAVE-R is designed around a tri-fin configuration: an 8” US-box in the rear with two Slotbox10 in the front. For only €50 extra you can choose a set of K4 Scorcher 17/18/19cm (and if needed 20) in the rear and two K4 Asy-Incinerators 8/9/10cm in a 1-or 2degree angle in front. Most take 1, as 2degree will make your head spin of your rump in turns.

Add €150 to upgrade to MORPHO’s 12K carbon/vinylester wave fins in 16/17/18/19/20 cm with matching 9 or 10cm tracker fins. Three of the Snuggest ever WiNDgear straps are complimentary and will keep your feet planted in all situations.

To unleash the full potential of the WAVE-R you need modern four or three-batten sails providing ample forward pull with a good dab of downforce. Trust us: You’ll be unhappy otherwise. We recommend sails like MORPHO and/or EZZY Wave. Some purists may even take it one step further with three batten sails. Ideal sail size ranges from 5.0 down to 3.4, there’s no need for anything bigger as the WAVE-R planes up amazingly quick for such a short board.

To offer you a clear overview we’ve comprised the range to the below 5 models, please note that smaller, in-between, and bigger sizes are possible as each WAVE-R is fully custom tailored to your needs.

72 220 56,5 36,6 10,3
78 221 57,5 37,2 11
83 222 58,5 38,2 11,5
89 224 59,5 38,7 11,7
92 225 61 39,6 11,8

Shape details


Your new custom board can be finished in this preselected spectrum of colors. We do not paint our boards but use pigments in our sanding coats. That makes it significantly harder to scratch when you scuffle your board against a rock, a guard rail, or the like.

Logos are spray painted onto your board using UV stabilized paints, yet we learned that fluorescent colors like orange may fade over time. Try to keep them out the sun or choose another color for your Thommen logos.

We cannot guarantee the wellbeing of dark colored boards when exposed to direct sunlight for the danger of overheating. Please keep this in mind when making your selection. Instead we recommend light colors in warm climates.

Disclaimer: Custom board building is not an exact science. Variations in fiber layup and placements of reinforcements due to specific needs or different construction schedule will likely alter the visual aspects of the finished board. Ditto variations may occur when mixing the pigments with epoxy, so the looks of a final product may vary from the computer enhanced images below.



Thommen custom boards are hand built by Peter Thommen in his own workshop in Thessaloniki, Greece, this explains the new Poseidon and Trident logos for our boards.

With the master of shape boasting on 40 years + experience we can assure you we pursue the highest standard in building your board. As a standard we use only Hexcel® glass and carbon fibers on a Gurit® Corecell® SAN (more impact resistant than PVC) sandwich material which goes on top of the EPS foam core that we source and mill locally. For now, we laminate with Sicomin® GreenPoxy33®, a high-tech resin system with over 35 % plant content and we are testing the GreenPoxy56® with 52 % plant content. It’s our goal to make boards that last and it’s our firm believe that the longest lasting board is also the eco-friendliest board.

®brands are registered trademarks.



‘STRONG’ is now even stronger. It’s our best combination of flex, strength, impact resistance and price. ‘STRONG’ now uses high-tensile strength S-glass throughout the main lamination layers. S-glass is 20% stronger than common E-glass. S-glass laminations are also stiffer and lighter and show less fatigue over time. We didn’t touch on our signature ‘Carbo-X’ reinforcement over the standing area for added torsion control. Other features are the ‘mast banger’ strips along the deck’s shoulder and additional full length biaxial glass tapes along the rails for added toughness and impact resistance. Also, the overlapping carbon rail bands on the nose remain in the layup schedule. Furthermore, we increased the density of our PVC-deck-sandwich core, either over the full length, namely on dedicated wave boards, or covering the most critical areas on the deck. Simply strong and built to last.

  • Strength
  • Impact resistance
  • weight
  • stiffness
  • Price Point



Just like the name says, this construction is a combination between our ‘STRONG’ and ‘LITE’ constructions. ‘STRONGLITE’ features a full carbon deck and an S-glass bottom resulting in a stronger, stiffer, yet lighter-weight performance board compared to our ‘STRONG’ layup. It will suit the most demanding riders. Our ‘STRONGLITE’ is clearly stiffer and more dynamic than our basic construction. ‘STRONGLITE’ is a very attractive choice to be applied to our longer models. However more carbon makes it also more fragile to impact than the basic version. Tip: only choose this construction when you know what you’re doing. As most of us don’t have a clue, we strongly recommend the strongest version.

  • Strength
  • Impact resistance
  • weight
  • stiffness
  • Price Point



Full carbon lamination on both deck and bottom and our trademark ‘Carbo-X’ reinforcement on the deck. With the intent to keep the weight as low as reasonable, reinforcement layers are reduced to essential areas only, yet without sacrificing strength where needed. These boards are perfect for those appreciating a light, stiff and reactive ‘carbon’ feeling. This layup schedule is more fragile than regular ‘STRONG’ construction and weaker because of its high stiffness, so don’t drop or jump* them. ‘LITE’ is an excellent choice for those searching for early planning freeride boards and willing to handle them with extra care. On request, an additional biaxial glass band can be wrapped around the rail for increased impact resistance.
*jumping breakage is excluded from warranty.

  • Strength
  • Impact resistance
  • weight
  • stiffness
  • Price Point



The industry’s trend to much shorter but usually not so much wider boards paired with a demand for maintained if not increased volume inevitably leads to thicker hulls. Those liters have to get in there somewhere. It’s basic geometry!

Thicker boards mean thicker, more powerful rails, rails that need more rider input. Yet we know that thinner boards are much nicer to ride. They are easier to engage in turns, they pivot smoother from rail to rail and, in general, are easier to control. With this in mind, Peter Thommen, started experimenting with a modern and twisted version of ‘Step Rails’, an almost extinct surfboard design feature brought back to memory by a few SUP designs.

Peter’s contoured rail-to-deck transition is the combination of a smaller board’s rails with a bigger board’s main body. The ease of engagement and quality of grip and hold in turns of a smaller board with the comfort and float of a bigger one. The resulting concave depressions – fading out towards nose and tail – also help to stiffen the board and, on bigger freeride boards, allows for a more comfortable deck shape in the footstrap area.

Thommen custom ‘Ultra-Thin’ rails are quite distinct, ‘Medium-Thin’ rails show only a moderate depression or change in rail radii.


The inserts of a strap are 15 cm apart – which is the industry standard – and this measurement is called SPREAD.  If you wish a narrower or wider spread because of big or small feet, just make sure to mention it upon order.


All Thommen Custom boards come with WiNDGear Snug footstraps which are among the most comfortable and soft, yet durable straps on the market, providing a secure hold at all times. Depending on the model 3 or 4 straps are included with every board.


We clearly took a trip down memory lane for our Gleitwunder and 4WD rockers, both having quite a stretched rocker line paired with a pronounced Vee-to-Quad-to-Tri-concave bottom – beamed back to when windsurfing was still easy.



Also, our wave boards seem quite traditional at first glance with their bottom contours featuring variations of Vee-to-Double-Concave-Vee progressions, but the designs are constantly evolving and refined. Subtle changes in Vee-angles or slightly reconfiguring the concave profile or flow bring us smoother and more efficient performance and ever better adaptation to their main task: To make you smile.



Our new F-CROSS planes up on smooth low entry rocker line. Continuous radius concaves provide lift, stability and grip. They fade into a Vee-tail so you’ll find a familiar, straight forward character in all your turns and jibes.


No twisting straps as our boards comes with 4 screws per strap, both on front- and back footstraps. The standard strap set-up consists of 2 back and 2 front positions which are 2.5cm apart giving you 7.5cm to play with. The inserts are of fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP) with pre-molded holes and come with the market standard PH3 Tapping Screws. More positions are possible but add weight.


All our finboxes and mastboxes are industry standard, this means most fins or any mastfoot will fit perfectly. You can opt for US-BOX, POWERBOX or SLOTBOX10cm. The Powerbox and Tuttlebox are made from carbon fiber and just like the US-box they’re embedded in closed cell high density foam blocks to ensure a secure fit in your board.


The STANCE – the distance between your straps – is also yours to choose. A stance of 40, 42.5 or 45cm are quite common values but varies from person to person. We measure the stance from the front insert of the back strap to the center of the back inserts of the front inserts. Here’s some of our standardized stances: Narrow Freeride (35-37.5-40cm), Standard Freeride (37.5-40-42.5cm), Wide Freeride (40-42.5-45cm), Wave Regular (42.5-45-47.5cm) and Wave Pro (45-47.5-50cm).


There’s a whole arsenal of tails to choose from, but we’ve narrowed it down to a certain range of tail shapes matching each type of board best and yes we fell in love with Peter’s trademark Swallow Tail which you find frequently throughout the range. The swallow tail combines a wider One Foot Off measurement (OFO), which offers a good drive, with a rounded outline towards the tail of the board for better turning. It’s just a great tail for small to medium sized waves.

Our GWR and F-CROSS both have our Diamond Tail, the extra surface area makes the board quicker to plane up while the corners of the diamond tail makes its turning characteristics a bit more pivotal and sharper than a rounded pin or square tail.


As a standard we mount a membrane valve in your new board, this system regulates under- and over pressure caused by temperature variations. This valve needs no real maintenance other than (no pressure hose!) rinsing with fresh water from time to time, but it’s recommended to change it after a few years (yes we offer that service). Alternatively you can stick to the old vent screw, still the safest choice unless you operate it falsely and forget to close before sailing!



The distance between ‘rear of front’ and ‘front of rear’ footstrap in cm. choose either narrow (35-37.5-40cm) standard (37.5-40-42.5cm) wide (40-42.5-45cm) wave (42.5-45-47.5) or wave pro (45-47.5-50cm). individual positions possible/optional. 


It’s possible to equip your board with extra and more forward/inside footstrap positions. 


Our standard is a self regulating ‘membrane valve’. the classic ‘screw vent’ is optional. 


You can choose between black and black


Choose your grade of fade from light (more color) to medium to dark (more black) sanding, however no guarantees on accuracy. 


Our strong is strong enough for most but we can add extra layers for additional robustness (beginners). 


The distance between de footstrap screw holes in cm. our standard is 15cm but individual spreads are possible. 


Choose your color of the painted Thommen brand logos. 


Choice of US (wave), POWER (allround) or TUTTLE (slalom), the FOILBOX is optional. 


8” is standard, but the 10” is our choice for the ‘low entry nose’ models like 4WD/GWR.


Choose your color of pigments we add to the sanding coats, i.e. your board color. 


 A balanced carry handle is standard on our wider boards, optional on others. 

Before we can start building your new board there’s a checklist of options we scroll through:

  • BOARD: Together we decide which type of board suits your needs best, choose the volume and construction.
  • FINBOX: Depending on the type of board we choose the finbox which is either US (wave boards) or Powerbox. Optional there’s a Tuttlebox, with a 2 screw fixation.
  • FOOTSTRAPS: Need 3 or 4? Also check your stance and spread on your present board, or tell us what you want.
  • VENT: Decide which ventilation you want, automatic membrane or hand operated screw.
  • GRAB HANDLE: Do you want the nifty integrated grab handle which makes total sense with bigger boards (try wrapping your arm around a 75cm+ board).
  • COLORS: Which base and logo color do you want?
  • ORDER: To make your custom order firm, you have to down-pay 30% of the total upon which we start the building process basically order the blank and mill it by CNC. The balance is due before we start laminating.
  • THE BUILD: Peter gets milling, finish shaping, sandwiching, sanding, laminating and much more sanding before he gets to finishing but we keep you in the loop of the process.
  • ACCESSORIES & FINS: Together with Mark you decide which fins and boardbag you may need and other accessories if applicable.


T1 CUSTOM made by Peter Thommen (valid Oct '22) WAVE <100L WAVE >100L WAVE >115L 4WD/CROSS >100L 4WD/CROSS >115L 4WD/CROSS >130L GWR <165L GWR/TRANSE >165L
STRONG (carbo-X) 2.800 2.850 2.950 2.900 3.000 3.100 3.250 3.550
STRONGLITE (biax carbon deck) 2.900 3.000 3.150 3.050 3.200 3.300 3.475 3.800
LITE (full biax carbon) - - - 3.150 3.300 3.400 3.600 3.950
optional Thommen custom boardbag (high-wall) 175 175 175 175 175 200 225 250
optional K4 set 75 75 75 75 75 75 75 75
optional MORPHO or T1/Gasoil** fin set (3 pcs) 150 150 150 150 200 200 200 200